Sunday, December 19, 2004

.O0o. one old november ago .o0O.

...KR-KR-KR Krank...KR-KR-KR Kraaaank...
"your flooding it!"
"i think i know my own car."
"like you knew whats-er-face's dog?"
"hey, she'll get over it. dogs are not always forever."
"not around you... rico suave!"

...we both laughed like it was the funniest thing ever. the night was young and the thanksgiving cheer was flowin large. mario slapped the wooden and tin roof of my 66 sundial, "let's get this show on the road."
"i couldnt agree more my good man!"

it was a short hop from penguins to 52nd and Atlantic.
"we cant forget the brown-man"
"by no means my good sir" vvvrrrooooommmmm pop! vrooom!

after the pleasantries were over we all piled out of brown's house and back on the road. mr toad and his wild riders are of to the ball or where ever we were goin. it really didnt matter, the boys are back in town and the midnight horizon is wide with possibilities for clever kids like us. the night rattled by at a blistering 57 mph and shone bright through the louver windowas af my aging classic bread box.the 710 never looked so good. this was the last night the crew had, and maybe the last night we would all be so simple. more so than we would be for many years to come. we burned up the asphalt, barreling to the coast, not even the hot tail winds of the santa anas couldnt catch up. we were moving at gods speed. a hot and dry 20th winter in so-cal. nothin' better.

"i guess we'll stop at tin-can. that cool?"
"really? awesome. so, whats on the agenda?"
"i brought a lil something back from the woods"
in a tandem voice from me and duck, "really?"
"oh yeah." he said in a good way.
"has any one heard from suelo, and lisa?"
"yeah they took off last week"
"seems like everyone is on the move. like they are all movin' on."
"precisely my clever little chum! now check this out."
we all shared a laugh and a little peek at 3 kiddie juice bottles of , well, we'll call it tea.
"not for the faint of heart my friends."

this was a time like no other. no fear, no apprehension no reason to look back. in a few days we'd all be on different paths not to reunite for years to come, but this was not the point, the point was now and we were the pointers. "CHEERS, CHEERS to my best friends. the night is young and fungus is on the menu." the dull clunk of the plastic juice container ushered in the evening. just then the santa ana winds caught up with us with a sandy pat on the back. "let the games begin!" i said as the first blast of dirty air rushes hot past my face.

laughing and joking in the dusty wind at the edge of a flat beach.