Thursday, December 09, 2004

wuh d@mn ????my creepy dream????

... well you can put another nickel in the good ol' nickolodeon, 'cause i got a WHOPPER.

to the native peoples of the world, dreams have forever been a way to connect to lil freaky person inside of all of our heads. well, this time it is no different. i am about to relate a nasty, carbunkle of a dream. i dont want to put a spin on it in any way cause it is a big, juicy, humdinger of a vision. here we go in to cavernous depths of the cloggins in my noggin'.

it began around midday in what can best be described as an industrial art facility that closely resembles my college and an asphalt factory all at once, that is located in what i can call Terminal Island in real life. i go there and in the back is a water level cement dock. i got into a small leaf-shaped boat and proceeded to drift away from the waters edge.

next i find myself in a flooded out industrial facility similar to a parking garage with other people wading around in the chest high water while i float in my lil craft. next we all decide to get out. as i exit the boat i can see the back scales of a large alligator serpentining through the murky water. i remember being afraid of the bottom and refusing to touch it. the whole time i am in fear of touching the gator and making him bite. i then wander into the dark corner seeing a small light in the distance.

when i emerge from the watery urban caverns i come to a midnight basketball game for inner city youths and join in. after playing a few quarters with a bunch of really tall black kids and shootin the shit about how bad my 'handles' are, one kid says, hey come over to my house and well eat with my family. i was down. we then went to a place where i often go in my dreams. it is a cross between San Francisco, Hermosa Beach and N.Y.. There this kid has a bungalow house on the edge of a high rise district. Almost like an illustration or a painting. When we get there i realize that we are uncomfortably close the house of my ex-girls new boyfriend's house (dont ask how i know that).

at the house we chill with his lil cousins and grab some BBQ while i keep an eye out for any uncomfortable situations on the horizon. soon, as in most of my dreams, i end up having to take a piss. THIS is where it gets weird. in the bathroom there is a door leading to the side of the house. it is the kind of door that has the horizontal louvers that crank open (like in old kitchens in CA. bungalows). these windows go from the base of the door to the top, so it is essentialy a huge window in the door. as i relieve myself i see the happy couple outside the door. then her boyfriend says he has to take a piss and he walks in to the bathroom that i am in. i turn away like hes not gonna notice its me, but we all know that never works (i dont know why not, its my f&ckin dream). well, needless to say he freaks out. i can see his chick (my ex) outside by the bikes they road in on. she looks worried, but she also looks like LLL. now thats funny 'cause i never dream about her, EVER. in my head kinda knowing im always wrong with faces in my dreams, i think it is DDD. well, anyways the dude pushes me down. i get back up and go to push him and he slams the glass door as my hands go out. my hands fly through the plates of glass and i feel pain. when i look down at my hands i see a lil red line across my right wrist. at that moment a torent of blood come flowing out of my wrist. i go out side and see LLL. i say 'DDD help me!' she looks back at me and says 'My name is LLL you prick!' and they ride off. my arm and legs feel warm from all the blood flowing out.

right about now i am freakin out in a weird dream way, not hysterical, but urgent and confused. i begin to run around to the front of the house and look for the family but they are all gone. every time i ask someone for help i look down and see the blood is gone and then as soon as they laugh and go away the torent of thick warm fluid rushes out and i get dizzy. after a while of running i make it to a small mexican restaurant (wich actually was the lower east side pizza joint i went to with tish in NY) and they believe me and help me get to a doctor.

as quick as it began it was over. now how bout that?