Friday, November 11, 2005

d! & +he 4 y3ar blo0m

life in the warzone is THE life for me ...

deryke and the four year bloom

a long time ago i was given a plant. i was given this plant by a lady as a parting gift, in a moment of change. much like her it is strong and small. beautiful in both concept and design although i have never known exactly what kind of plant it is. my botanical enigma. it always sits squarely on the window sill of every one of my apartments in first chair. the poor thing only ever has but a few leaves, slightly reminisant of the christmas tree in peanuts cartoons, but its a good plant. its my comfort plant.

the best part about this awesome little guy, is its bloom. it bloomed for me six moths after i got it eight years ago in december. a single pink blossom just before christmas. i have only seen it one other time four years ago, in what i would consider happier days.

now it is back. the four year bloom is here and i wonder what it will bring. i'm excited to find out. the four year bloom always brings change. tomorrow i get on a plane for a new adventure and when i get back my new roomate will have moved in. the bloom is in full effect shaking things up.

thank you, my little window sil omen. thank you very much and i'll see you again in '09! much love homie.

listening to ))) the bawdy and the nawty

Poison Idea - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Operation Ivy - Bank Shot