Saturday, September 25, 2004

b@s3d 0n @ p1c+uR3 ~ 002

... friends ... how many of us have them? i think HOUDINI said it best. that song said it in a way that cannot be denied. we all run in packs, be it our co-workers, band mates, tagging crew, or church, we all need to be around the like minded. well, my friends and i are the same. we are all very like minded, but where does that end, and the concept of the "rugged individual" come in to play in my life? at some point do we become more individual or do we become more dependant on our clan? the picture (on the left)orginaly conjured ideas of parties and summer fun but then quickly moved away and into the questions that i have just posed. pictures are truely worth a 1000 words.