Monday, July 12, 2004

emotionally d1Ge$ting BEEF :)

we all know beef. its what's for dinner! unfortuantely that is not the kind of beef i'm talking about. its conflict, the only kind of beef i dont like (go carnivores!). as we slide down the spiral playground slide that is this mortal coil, a person will undoubtedly encounter some kind of strife that will end in hurt emotions and and some sort of conflict. that is life. the problem i have found is that this is really hard to accept. all my life is i have spoken my mind and had off center beliefs. this sort of personality is always a target and that is unfortunate, but that is not the real issue. the real issue seems to be how to deal with it. recently i have had to re-visit some old beefs from the past (beef jerky! lol).

'just when i think i'm out they drag me back in' - one of the Godfather flix.

i have never really been a guy that runs away from this sort of thing but i may be wrong. the sort of guy i am may be the perfect guy to do this. spinning my wheels in mud that i have already driven through is not what i want to do. in reallity the concept that i'm trying to relay is one of forgetfullness. this my friend is not a cop-out just the only way to remain sane. ive worked hard in my life to escape the fate of my own personality. we all know what happens to the squeeky wheel after it squeeks too many times, it gets changed. i guess what i'm trying to say is that BEEF is not just a problem that everyone has, it really is whats for dinner! so just pony up and chow down. there is no escape. Pass the salt!