Sunday, November 27, 2005

d3ar d3ad g1rl -3

your already the ghost inside my head ...

Dear Dead Girl,

cold winter mornings make me think of you. just before i wake up i swear i can smell angel in the air and as soon as my eyes open the cool blue of the sky reminds me that you are gone. never to return.

i can remember the dark nights in bed when we would joke about songs and funny people. talking to each other in hushed voices under the covers. shhhh i can here the rain. shhhh i can too.

even 3000 miles and a few years can't keep you out of my head. its hard to forget the good stuff and even harder the forget good people. can you see me? do you remember what i look like? my smile? my laugh? i hope so, i really do, beacuse i tried.

in your absence i shall do my best to remind the sea and the beach that you are still around. still in my heart fluttering about like a moth to a light.

do they sigh in heaven? i hope not.

anyways... i gotta go, you know me, too mushy for my own good. what would the guys think? l8r sexy pants. mmwwaaaa* i miss you and so does the beach.

- deryke

listening to ))) my empty head rattle