Wednesday, September 19, 2007

l1sts '@' popp1n [ TOP INSPIRATIONAL FLIX ]

"the unexamined life is not worth living." - socrates

do you ever need to feel good? do you ever need uplifting? i do. after all, i'm not made of wood. these are my favorite inspirational movies. the kind that pick you up by the bootstraps and shake you around while making you feel like anything is possible.

have fun and feel free to comment and be opinionated!

Top 5ish movies that inspire me (in no particular order): these are the movies that make me look at myself in the mirror and say 'go get em tiger!'

1) The Worlds Fastest Indian - this is the true story of a man from new zealand who comes, by himself, to the states to break the land speed record. stories like this often repeat themselves in my life. i like a story of insurmountable odds and a 'why not?' attitude. i guess the films we watch really describe the watcher more.

2) Instrument - this is documentary on the band FUGAZI, now i know not all of you know this band, but if you dodn't even like the music you need to see this. integrity is all a man has in the end.

3) The Shawshank Redemption - again the huge odds and the idea that a solid mind can get you out of anything.

4) Enemy Mine - over coming interspecies hate on a hostile planet with odd duty and family overtones. i won't say a lot more about this film, other than it makes a couple more appearances on my TOPs list.

5) The Rabbit Proof Fence - Another true story about a woman and her sister who escape colonial austrailian rule to be reunited with the people of their birth. using only the knowledge that the land and their ancestors gave them they succeed not only once, but three times. fuck the man!

6) Crumb - what can i say about this film? its the true life doc about robert crumb the underground illustrator. other than the obvious art connections i can relate to this man. his contempt for the banal, the odd family, the pencil. well... anyways check this one out.

7) Rudy - its fuckin' RUDY! (and i don't even like football.)

honorable mention (ongoing):
smoke signals
lord of the rings: the two towers