Tuesday, September 18, 2007

l1sts '@' popp1n [ TOP L.A. FLIX ]

"the unexamined life is not worth living." - socrates

now, i don't know who said that, but he seems like a sharp fella. the things we love, do, listen to, and examine are the very things that make us unique. now, i'll admit it, i've walked away from girls because they have bad / horrible taste in music, or even dismissed a decent person because of their inconceivable taste in popular culture. is that bad? is that good? dunno... but i do know that the amount of things i have in common with a white snake / paris hilton fan are probably very little. just a hunch or a grim tell tale? we'll see.

for now, i'm using movies. let me know what y'all think. remember these are very specific lists and in no way constitute my favorite movies of all time (yet). have fun and feel free to comment and be opinionated!

TOP '5ish' LA movies (in no particular order): movies that use my home town as a character or a backdrop in a way that seems to fit a town of this stature.

1) Colateral - LA at night is an amazing thing. i write a lot about the city at night when the sodium glow is all you need and all you see is a lone coyote on wilshire blvd. amazing.

2) Constantine - the psychic underground in los angeles. everybody knows this town has many secrets. i wonder if these are some of them.

3) Wassup Rockers? - from the west side to the east side and every skate spot in between. ever see the warriors?

4) Lords of Dogtown - the re-creation of the late 70's santa monica scene. truely the wild west of the west coast. my mom loved the movie and said it reminded her EXACTLY of the time and space. anyone who knows SaMo now knows what i mean.

5) Blade - a cold blue LA warping past you in high speed. another face to an incredibly multi-faceted town.

6) Nowhere - looking for a party? can't find it? hanging with freaks? thats a night in LA. sweet.

7) Swingers - living in LA in the mid nineties was an adventure in sillines all its own. reminds me of art school in LA and long nights of hollywood weirdness.

honorable mention (ongoing):
LA Confidential
Gone in 60 seconds
Up in Smoke
Fast and the Furious
Love and Sex
Some Kind of Wonderful
Valley Girl
Doom Generation
The Black Dahlia