Wednesday, July 07, 2004

(>'.')>* come and get it ! things not to do

today i had a bit of a startle a plane crashed in the general direction of an ex's house. the first thing that went through my head was 'oh my god! i hope shes ok'. the kind of thing that a person would think about a very close friend. well the problem is that after it hit me i felt like the biggest moron. let me tell you why, this person has the exact opposite feeling tward me. that lil bout of empathy really make me feel like an ass. so now what?
well what not to do...

1) feel lame - i dont want to hate this person. in fact its very much the opposite, i want to care.
2) care - i dont want to play myself like that
3) listen to me - feelings are feelings and i cant fix that so i guess its better to worry than hate or avoid it.

i really enjoy being a caring human being. i hope that does'nt go away

i'm fucked (>'.')> just chasin' sanity