Wednesday, March 19, 2008

1t bug$ m3

it bothers me that i have no camera. no way to let you know how i see the world. i am a hindu with no third eye, a merlin with no magic ball. i am a man left without his vision.

when i started this blog it was all about writing and photography. those were the good ol' days. now my blog has been changed into a 99 cent store for odds and ends. this change has been heavy on my mind. is it good ? is it bad ? or is it just change. change is good, right? this blog has been like a sketch book, a place to mess with ideas, talk to far away friends, and even make new ones.

all in all i still love my little piece of cyber-google-space. i just wish i had a camera so i could entertain you all :(

although i do enjoy my flick bikini photo badge zeitgeist thingy :)