Wednesday, January 09, 2008

gor3, g0r3 !i!!

as you all may have found out, i have been watching a lot of movies lately. it's been a blast! i have to say there are some gems out there, if you can skip a michael bay flik once in a while. this jewel is called The Gore, Gore, Girls! (1972) if you look closly you can see every private detective tv show ever done. B.T.W. the guy in this rocks with the dead pan delivery. 2 gorey thumbs up.

synopsis: Strippers at a sleazy club are being mutilated at an alarming rate. A pretty reporter enlists the aid of a debonair detective to solve the case and land her a front-page story. Soon, the two are wading through evidence against a vegetable pulverizing freak, a creepy college student, and a group of angry feminists.